Top 10 Stocking Fillers for Young Photographers

During the run-up to Christmas, we get lots of questions about what camera accessories to buy the young photographers. We have put together our Top 10 stocking fillers for young photographers in 2020. We have included gifts that range in price from £5 to £50.

1. Wildlife photographer of the year book

photography book

Wildlife photographer of the year is a photography competition that recognises the worlds best nature photography. The competition has been running since 1965 and even has a Young wildlife photographer of the year with categories and awards for ages 10 and under, 11-14 years and 15-17 years. I have been going to the wildlife photographer of the year exhibition since I studied photography in my teenage years and every year it still inspires me. The M-Shed in Bristol has a fantastic gallery and the best bit… It’s FREE admission for under 16s. Something to keep young photographers inspired all year round is the wildlife photographer of the year books. The books display full collections of images awarded in the competition depending on what year you buy. It shows different styles, techniques and ways of seeing the collection. It gives an opportunity for the reader to find out more about the photographs and option to do more research on photographers internationally. Not only will this gift inspire it will also educate. My personal favourite is the 2016 edition when Bristol photographer Sam Hobson made the front cover with ‘The Bristol Fox’

2. Glass Ball

The glass ball is a brilliant stocking filler for those wanting to get creative with their photography. We use the glass ball accessory during our creative classes. The ball is fun and easy to use, it produces high-quality photographs that look different than usual. When the ball is put in front of the camera everything inside the ball gets flipped upside down. Some photographers edit this so that the background is upside down and everything in the ball is the correct way. This is another way for photographers to get creative. The ball can be used with any camera! This includes smartphones. You can buy pocket-size or professional size glass balls. But regardless of the size you choose, try to keep the ball out of direct sunlight. It acts as a magnifying glass it will refract the sunlight and burn anything underneath it. If you are gifting this to the younger ages please watch them when they are using it. There are many names for glass balls online such as Lens Ball and Crystal ball. In our opinion, there is no real difference between them. This photograph below is taking from a local young photographer called Woody.

3. 1-2-1 Photography lesson vouchers

Gift voucher

The Photo Club have recently released their new gift vouchers, enabling you to gift a photography experience to a young person. A 1-2-1 photography lesson is a perfect gift for someone wanting to learn a specific skill or gain more confidence with a camera. Theses vouchers also include free DLSR camera hire for the session.

4. Camera Raincoat

Here at the photo club we promote getting youngsters outdoors and walking in local areas. This has proven to be highly beneficial for mental wellbeing and physical health, but we live in England and getting out when the weather is poor doesn’t always make us feel good. A way we tackle this is encouraging people to take photographs of our British weather. Most smartphones are waterproof these days so there is no excuse not to get out and about taking photographs. However, for those wanting to use their DSLR camera, you have to be a little more careful. That’s why our next stocking filler is a camera raincoat. The raincoat enables our young photographers to capture the perfect photograph no matter the weather. It helps to get dramatic scenes such as landscapes and close up waterfalls. So come rain or shine this stocking filler will enable a young photographer to up their skills and enjoy photography whatever it looks like outdoors.

5. Coloured Filters

Coloured filters

There are hundreds of different types of filters and they all do different things. Depending on where the young photographer is on their creative journey will depend on what filters you purchase. Our recommendation for a stocking filler is the coloured lens filters. The reason we recommend these filters is because they are lots of fun and easy to use! They are perfect for changing the mood of a picture, creating contrast and softening skin tones. The coloured filters are a good way to introduce filters to the art. There are two types you can buy. The first being a screw-on filter to the size of the lens and the second being a square kit which has adjustments to fit any size lens. Neither is better or worse, they do the same thing.

The best bit… this type of filter can be used with any camera! I’ll let local young photographer and YouTuber tell you more in this video “Testing Camera Filters”.

6. Camera bag

We talk about the importance of a camera bag in our Online Introduction to photography courses. This is why we have included it for the perfect stocking filler. Not only will this gift help a young photographer keep their gear safe it is also a fun way to organise their camera gear and accessories. There are so many types of camera bags and cases. My recommendation for a DSLR camera user is always a backpack, but this simply comes down to personal preference. I recommend a backpack so that when out and about on photoshoots photographers can keep other essentials with them, like a water bottle and a snack. Different camera lenses and accessories can also be kept in the camera bag so they are at hand for whenever they need to be used. We recently popped in to Jessops store in Bath and they had a good variety of camera bags and accessories to choose from.

7. Camera cookie cutters

I have a sweet tooth and this means I love cookies. I can’t be alone with this love so I have included a fun cookie cutter set in shapes of cameras. Not only does the photographer get to eat their hobby they also learn a new one. Maybe baking is there thing too?

8. GorillaPod

Let’s start with What is a Gorillapod? It’s a type of tripod, it is used to keep the camera still and helps with positing a photograph. The difference between a tripod and Gorillapod is that while tripod legs are straight and firm a Gorillapod’s legs bend and twist enabling you to attach it places. They are usually small and light to carry making it perfect for all tripod needs. You can get attachments for the GorillaPod which allows you to attach your phone, action camera, and DSLR camera. As young photographers start to explore different techniques a tripod or GorillaPod will become an essential piece of gear helping them to achieve the perfect photograph.

9. Smart Phone Camera lens kit

Smart phone photography has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years especially with all the new phone releases and advanced camera quality. The Smart phone lens kit is a great way for a young photographer to get creative on the go. ‘The best camera is the one you have on you’ As that is true a DSLR camera has the ability to change lenses and capture different photographs. But lugging around a bug camera isn’t always the best idea so why not get the best out of the phone camera. Most of the smartphone lens kits come with a wide-angle, fisheye, zoom and close up lenses. The kits are small making it a great stocking filler and perfect to keep in a pocket or bag. This makes it a great gift for the young photographer and their creative eye.

10. Lens mug

I have been gifted a few of these since becoming a professional photographer. While I probably don’t need 5 of these, they are a really fun gift to buy for a young photographer. The funniest part about my Lens mug is that it is a lookalike and when they are sat on my desk it is easy to mistake it for a real lens. Some of the mugs are designed specifically to the exact lens differing between brands such as Canon and Nikon.

I hope you have enjoyed our list of gifts we think young photographers will love this Christmas. We wish you all the happiness and joy.

Merry Christmas!

From Kez and The Photo Club Team.

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