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  • Percy Community Centre
  • October 21, 2019
  • Monday, 10:30AM to 12:00PM

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Term 1 – Explore

New King St, Bath BA1 2BN

Monday, 10:30AM to 12:00PM
October 21, 2019


Term 1 – Explore

New King St, Bath BA1 2BN

Monday, 10:30AM to 12:00PM
October 21, 2019


This term we have opened up the age group for our popular home educated photography course to ages 7-19, but don’t worry tasks will be adjusted for individual learning abilities.

These 7 sessions will get young people thinking about the different forms of photography and what ones they enjoy. We will explore 7 different types of photography, 3 of which are potential career options.  

Please contact info@thephotoclub.co if you wish to attend individual workshops.

9th September 2019 -Architecture photography. Young people will explore the wonderful city and learn the best ways to photograph buildings. Most of Baths buildings are made from the local, Golden-coloured Bath Stone. Capturing these colours and shapes will be important. Learn about different angles and composition for taking beautiful Images of Baths Architecture.

16th September 2019 – Macro photography. Macro photography is a great technique to learn. Get in close to objects and props provided. Look at settings and backgrounds. Capture lots of clear detail.

23rd September 2019 – Angles and perspectives. We all see things differently, Angles and Perspective are a great way of making your photography stand out. During this workshop we will be getting high and low to capture the perfect shot. Young people will get a chance to use props that see things upside-down.  

30th September 2019- Filters Young people will be provided with plenty filters to put over their lenses. They will learn what each filter is used for and how they make the images look. They will also be given the opportunity to get creative and make their own DIY filters.

7th October 2019- Product photography Product photography is a great skill to learn, it requires planning and team work. Young people will be given objects to photograph, they will learn tips and techniques to enhance their product photography.

14th October 2019 – Flat Lay photography This type of photography is used for magazine adverts, food & website headers. This session young people will use and improve their organisation skills. Young people will be given props but also asked to bring items that belong to them into the session.

21st October 2019- Commercial photography Photographs that are taken for a commercial use, business & sells. This type of photography is used for advertisement, sales pitches, brochures ect. Young people will use all the skills they have learnt over the past term and put them into a final challenge tailored towards commercial photography.