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Does your child love to take photos?

This course is designed for teenagers aged 13 – 19 and will introduce the world of photography to them. The course is fully interactive, allowing your individuals to explore their creative potential.

We have taken the knowledge and experience from working in schools, youth clubs, and exciting venues to bring you a course that will educate and excite your child.

Who is this course aimed at?

This course is for young people aged 13-19 years old who love taking photographs. It will allow them to express themselves and gain more creativity. If your child is looking to start a new hobby or expand their existing one, then this course is a great place to start.

What to expect

Signing up to this course will allow your children to gain the skills they need to take great pictures. You’ll probably pick up some new techniques at the same time!

Time frame

The course is estimated to take approximately 20 hours. To help the children with the information, we have broken up 14 modules with different topics. There is no need to feel overwhelmed and stressed as this course has lifetime access, and you can pause it at any point.


The activities can be downloaded and printed so that they can take them on the go. Some activities are fun to do on long walks or adventures outdoors. And once you’ve printed them, your child can slightly adapt the activities and complete them over and over again whenever they like.

Your child will have access to private videos and exclusive content made especially for our online courses.

Confidence and knowledge

Alongside the photography activities, quizzes and reflection tasks have been imputed into the course to help teens retain the information they are learning. And in time will help with their confidence and knowledge of the topic going forward. Knowing a new skill has been proven to boost a child’s self-esteem.

Help and support

The Photo Club will support you and your teenager through the course. With this in mind, we are offering email, video chat, and telephone support.


By the end of the course, your child will have a better understanding of photography and will be using new techniques to take more meaningful photographs. On the whole, your child will develop their confidence and feel inspired by photography.

What camera will my child need?

We recommend using a compact camera or a Digital SLR camera.
However, you can complete all the activities with a tablet, smartphone camera, Film camera, an Instax camera.

Who created the online course for kids?

Professional photographer and youth worker Kez Hawkins, founder of The Photo Club, developed these online courses to inspire young people to continue to grow and learn at home.

The Photo Club run photography projects all year at exciting venues and locations. All the courses and after school clubs have played a massive part in building the online content. We have tested the activities and materials with young people. We are confident that they are all an enjoyable way of learning that has an impact on developing a child’s creativity, wellbeing and photography skill.